Monday, January 10, 2011

Roommate Troubles?

Any of you have a roommate you just can't stand? That's where I am at this current point and time and it's truly weighing heavy on me. I decided to blog about it to see how others handle a situation like this. For a while things were fine but his bad habits have gone into overload and I'm spiraling out of control! You see, I currently live with my boyfriend...and his pesky roommate. He's the kind of roommate that not only complains about EVERYTHING, he has an opinion about EVERYTHING. That's probably the most annoying thing about this whole situation. But you see another thing is really weighing heavy on me, and you may think I'm being a bit silly but here it grandmother bought me a really nice silverware set, cooking set (pots 'n' pans), and my mom gave me all of the dishes and cups. Well considering they were brand new and gifts from my family I cherish them with all that I have, and I take pride in finally living on my own and having my own things. Now you tell me, wouldn't you want to take care of things like this? Clean them right after you use them, and put them away? Well this roommate doesn't seem to think so. He will leave things like that in the sink for WEEKS until finally my boyfriend or I have to clean them. Oh and lastly, he decided to quit his job three months ago because he couldn't handle the people he worked with...well now that I think about it was probably his co-workers that couldn't stand him! So now, he just sits in the spare bedroom (which by the way he pretty much turned into his second room, that I always feel uneasy going into) and creates music all day. I will say that is the only thing I believe he has talent in but at least right now..ITS NOT GOING TO GET HIM ANYWHERE! So I really wish he would just go out, look for a job, score one if that's even possible, so then everytime I come home..he won't ALWAYS be there. I know this was a bit much, but I need help. Please..if you have/had trouble with a roommate share with me how you were able to handle the situation. I'm DESPERATE! Thank you all for reading, and have a fabulous Monday!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Therapy For Your Toes!

I wanted to blog about an amazing flat I recently came across at my local Gap. It's called "The City Flat", and to be honest, I had found these online before I went in to Gap to try them for myself. I was a little skeptical at first because I didn't believe there could be such thing as a stylish and comfortable flat (besides my toms). But after reading so many great reviews I decided to find out what all the buzz about these flats. Boy was everyone right! These flats are absolutely amazing and at a great price point for it's comfort, $39.50. They come in 11 amazing colors, and I highly recommend you go check them out for yourself! You won't be disappointed I promise.

Below is the link to get your own pair :
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