Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Latest Obsession

So as you may know I work at Joes Jeans Las Vegas in the Las Vegas Premium Outlets. I began working at Joes Jeans in August 2010 and I couldn't tell you how blessed I am to have found this job! Honestly, I didn't know much about Joes Jeans before I started working there except they made leggings because I had two pairs I purchased off Just walking into Joes Jeans for the first time I knew this was home. The atmosphere was so hip and laid back, and I definitely felt like I fit in right away. After being hired I really realized that Joes Jeans was more than just jeans. The company has expanded into other outlets such as tops, outwear, shoes, and accessories! As each monthly shipment arrives I get over joyed and giddy like it's Christmas day. In one of our latest shipments we got in a lot of light denim that I really fancy. I've purchased a couple wardrobe must haves such as light and destroyed kickers, which on me look more like a "boyfriend" capri which I love. I have to say though my absolute biggest obsession is our Best Friend in Blanchett. This is a light destroyed denim jean that looks great rolled or unrolled. I LIVE in my best friends! I would highly recommend going to one of the Joes Jeans Retail/Outlet stores and picking up a pair of best friends for yourself. They're an absolutely wonderful jean for any season! Check out the pictures provided by of my best friend obsession.

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